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Magpie Springs Art Residency

Creativity turned into action

At Magpie Springs, we offer a Residency Program for professional artists, art educators as well as students to create artwork that in some way conserves our natural resources. Here at Magpie Springs we are students of permaculture. You will live in circular structures (Yurt or earthship much of the structures are built with cast-off waste.) In these structure we practice waste management and have extensive gardens that you may wander through, use as your muse or harvest from. Residency participants are (most often) provided brunch in the host family greenhouse on Sunday mornings. We encourage our residence to cook a meal with the other residence and host family once a week in return. There is plenty of meat, eggs and often vegtables from the garden available for this meal, depending upon time of year. 

Food outside of this meal is not provided.

This is more then a residency it is a community we are building.
Duration: 1 week to 3 months (As stated above, we are trying to build communities which means residencies one month or longer work better.)

What we offer:
Blue Bird Yurtship House: Residents are provided a private living/working space in a 24 foot yurt atop an earthship basement with a greenhouse, collectively called the yurtship. Studio and kitchen living room space is located in the upstairs yurt, while bedroom and bathroom facilities are in the earthship basement. Open March to December. Wood stove for heat (wood provided), wireless internet, cleaning supplies provided.
Cost: $500 monthly

Meadow lark Cluster: (Under Construction) Residents are provided a private 16" yurt as a bedroom and a 24" Yurt as a Studio/Kitchen. This cluster has an outdoor shower and composting toilet.
Open May - Sept Wood stove for heat (wood provided), wireless internet, cleaning supplies provided.

We are also happy to sponsor internships across many disciplines such as Permaculture. For more information please email Nolan Salix or call 406.925.3643

Expectataions for all: Keep areas clean and safe.